Friday, January 04, 2008

Pirate booty

Back to Glodok, aka Chinatown ... which, besides offering fascinating Chinese food, is a major center for black-market DVD sales.

The stuff turns up here almost as soon as it's released in the US. That speed comes at a cost -- sometimes they just send someone to sit in a movie theatre in the States and tape the movie off the screen with a handycam, so the picture is lousy and the sound is lousy and you can hear other audience members talking and crinkling their candy bags. If someone in front of the videotaper decides to go get popcorn, their head will suddenly pop up on your screen.

All the big American TV shows get copied and sent over pretty speedily as well. They release them a couple of episodes at a time, and then at the end of the season they round the whole thing up into one package. Hence the 3A+3B+3C, etc., on this copy of Lost, Season 3.

Usually they design their own covers for the discs, and sometimes they choose the wrong blurbs. They'll put something like "A stellar cast ultimately disappoints!!! -- Gene Siskel" on the front in big letters. Or here: "A significant war -- NY Daily News." And something tells me the movie isn't supposed to be called Cold War in Russian, either.


michele said...

wow this stuff is great! I just love it. I'd probably never leave the store, I'd be reading every single dvd cover for good quotes.

do you have access to the BBC show "Extras" with Ricky Gervais? it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I think you guys would like it.

kopisusu2 said...

No, haven't seen it, but I'll keep an eye out! We've been watching the first three seasons of The Office (US version) -- I've seen some of the British ones and he's pretty hilarious.