Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Adults at play

Pardon my recent absence from the blogosphere. I recently discovered you can play Scrabble online against a computer ( -- but don't say I didn't warn you), and for the last three days I've been playing Scrabble the way some people play the horses, or the way other people use heroin.

Having emerged from my haze, I'll write some more about our walk along the canal in Roxy. Appropriately enough, today's subject is games.

The kite-flying kids weren't the only ones enjoying a Saturday off. There's a little pavilion next to the canal, and a bunch of the neighborhood guys were playing board games. This one looked like a variation on checkers, using a reduced number of chess pieces and half the board.

Behind the modified chess game was a big handmade board that seemed kind of like a cross between billiards and air hockey. You have to flick the round white disk at the colored pieces and try to knock your opponent's pieces into the pockets at the corners.

Everyone was amused to see foreigners give it a try.


Kemsey said...

the air-hockey/billiard in the chalky board game is called Karambol.

kopisusu2 said...

Thanks! It's a pretty cool little game, eh? They said one of the guys made the board himself.

jim said...

I think that Scrabulous robot opponent has been surfing past too many x-rated web pages in its spare time. It aced me with a couple of racy words, shall we say. I'm OK with that, but when I found it wouldn't accept "furboat" I had to quit.

mr_john said...

Oh... It's down at the moment... No furboating for me.

wendy said...

Wanted to say thanks for meeting with Justin. He enjoyed the connection to NH so far from home. We are starting to plan our visit in June. Any Bali or Lombok advise? Wish I had some scrabulous advise. My husband sent me the link and then mocked me for playing until 2am for 5 days straight. Had to give it up cold turkey. I miss it.
be well.

Anonymous said...

the game is called carrom