Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pigs on the loose

You may recall that I bought a little stick-on device for my phone with the Monokuro Boo pigs on it a while back. The pigs were supposed to flash whenever the phone was active, but they didn't work. Then they fell off in Bangkok, were miraculously recovered, and even more miraculously, started working!

Well, now the story has come to a bad end. I whipped my phone out in a cafe the other day to show off the pigs, and they were gone. I guess I should have expected that. Perhaps they had other, more pressing business to attend to. Perhaps they felt discriminated against as pigs in a Muslim country. Anyway, even though our time together was short, I feel enriched by it. And I feel that when I go get some other stupid flashy-phone thing to replace them, I will also get a tube of Superglue.


Elyani said...

I am sorry for your loss, Trish. I hope your Monokoru Boo does not end up in Sekba Stall in Glodok :)

Anonymous said...

if you MUST replace the square-head pigs, please make the next thingamajig anything other than 'hello kitty.'

-anonymous yet urgent request from somerville, ma.