Thursday, October 18, 2007

Anti-radiation phone pigs: a story of faith

We were at a mall in Singapore in September, doggedly researching a comparative study of curry puffs, when we saw a kiosk selling these little devices that attach to your cellphone and protect you from radiation. Or maybe they protect your phone from radiation -- I wasn't entirely clear on that.

Anyway, they promised to sparkle with red and blue flashing lights whenever the phone rang, and that was clearly something I needed. I bought one in the square pig style to disprove Michele's notion that all square pig stuff is useless crap.

Imagine my shock when the pigs turned out not to work! They just sat on my phone and did nothing. I kind of liked them anyway so I kept them on. A month later we were walking down the street in Bangkok when I realized, to my horror, that they'd disappeared. Miraculously, they turned up that night in our hotel room, on the dresser next to the TV.

"They're just going to fall off again," said Chad, but I stuck them back on my phone anyway because if you can't make a commitment to your anti-radiation device, what can you commit to?

And now my faith has been rewarded: they've started working! Every time I get a text message or phone call, they flash their little bright lights moments before it arrives, so I can quickly shut the phone off and pretend the battery's dead. Somehow, by getting lost, they found themselves. Who hasn't experienced that in his or her own life?

I believe my square pigs have a message for me. And as soon as I recover from all this radiation, I'm going to figure out what it is.


michele said...

it's likely my brain has been affected by too much radiation, but nevertheless I don't understand how these square pigs are supposed to help you avoid radiation damage. I think it's all a marketing stunt and pretty soon you're going to start seeing huge square pigs all over jakarta, telling you to buy more electronics and things with pigs on them.

kopisusu2 said...

Going to? I already have. In fact Chad bought me a square pig cellphone cover the other day. I'm approaching that scary zone where other people figure you like something -- heart-shaped pillows, Hello Kitty stuff, friendship bracelets, whatever -- and start giving it to you, and pretty soon you're swimming in it.

I do like my cellphone cover, though. It makes my phone complete.

michele said...

yup, that's what's gonna happen.
for years and years and yeeaaarrrrs when my sister and I were young we received little decorative boxes as gifts every b-day, xmas, you name it. by the time we were 13 we were surrounded by shelves full of cute, tiny boxes. I have no idea what we put in them.
you might want to start planning now for a square pig display area in your apt.