Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Long-distance Sox

Luckily, even though we're halfway around the world, we were still able to watch the baseball playoffs on ESPN Asia. The games aired live at 7:30 a.m. It's strange drinking coffee instead of beer while watching Curt Schilling peer in for the sign, but as long as they're winning, it doesn't matter.

Picture swiped from Howie and Haviva's blog

We've acquired some genuine Bostonian friends (who also make a mean apple pancake) to watch with, and every game also prompted a blitz of e-mails, calls, chats and text-messages to fellow fans in distant places.

This picture arrived via cell phone from some lucky friends in the crowd at Fenway during Game 6 of the Cleveland series.

Apparently, according to the US media, the Red Sox are now the Yankees and therefore everybody should hate them. But I don't buy it. What's to hate about Jacoby Ellsbury, who came up through the farm system, got thrown into the playoffs at the last second, and played like a man on fire? What's so bad about diminutive Dustin Pedroia, who said he was so thrilled to hit a home run he couldn't remember running around the bases? What's not to like about Schilling? Well, OK, forget about Schilling. But the Yankees are still obnoxious - if you need proof, check out Hank Steinbrenner saying they're the only team worth playing for - and the Sox are still the Sox, and life is good.


alw said...

i think you know how i feel about all of this. but i do believe some congrats are in order.

ps-- he still hasn't called, and this time i know it's not because he's been out in left field.

john l said...

Hey Trish,

Glad you got to see the games. Beth and I listened to the last three on am radio driving back from gigs, and then caught the last 3 innings each night on tv. Ellsbury quickly became Erin's and my favorite after he came up last summer. He played the night after we went to Fenway, a game that we caught on tv in a Boston restaurant. We couldn't believe how fast he was watching him score from second on a passed ball. Now if spring training could only start next week.

Mary said...

Okay - I have to brag - (as Trish knows) I was at the park when Dustin Pedroia broke open game 7 of the ALCS with his home run. It was just after Matthew turned to me and another fan to yelp - now it is time for Pedroia to hit his first post-season home run. and Thwack! Woo hoo! Clairvoyance? Mind control? maybe not - but, I bet there were plenty of fans thinking the same thing. He did not disappoint. What a hero - who could hate that? I'm in love (with the red sox, and, oh yes, Jason Veritek )- I agree, if only spring training could start next week. At least we won't be so sleep deprived here in the States! Miss you!

michele said...

ahhh... these are very very good days to be a redsox fan! gotta make this feeling last as long as possible, before baseball withdrawal sets in...

ps - mary, how awesome that you were at game 7 to see dusty's HR! I am totally jealous. though I can brag too because I was at fenway when the sox clinched the first playoff round. all in one night we got to watch the sox beat minn., then see nyy lose a 'nailbiter' up on the jumbotron at fenway park (!), then stayed to celebrate when the sox came back out on the field and danced like idiots and sprayed champagne everywhere. a total blast.