Monday, October 22, 2007


Papayas here are enormous and very cheap -- between sixty cents and a little over a dollar, say, for one like this. All the fruit vendors who push wagons down our street know I like papayas, so whenever they see me they try to tempt me with one.

I like papaya whirred up in the blender with a little water, which makes it velvety-smooth. Some people drink blenderized papaya every day as a digestive aid.

Papaya is a folk contraceptive and abortifacient. It produces an enzyme that plays a major role in meat tenderizer and anti-itch creams, and was injected into Harrison Ford's back when he was having disc problems during an Indiana Jones movie. It was allegedly supposed to "eat away at the infected area." Eww.


Jose said...

We used to have papaya all the time in Lima when I was a kid. There was always juice, but my favorite was a cold slice of sweet papaya with 2 or 3 drops of lime juice...hmmmm.

kopisusu2 said...

Hey, that's Michele's recipe too!

lulu said...

i like strawberry n guava juice