Friday, October 26, 2007

The Citizen Kane of gecko movies

We looked forward to Cicak Man for months. I mean, a Malaysian movie about a superhero who is half-man and half-cickak (CHEE-chahk - the little geckoes that scamper around on every wall in Indonesia) - What's not to love?

We were not disappointed. It was cheezy and over-the-top and totally funny. I loved the twin villains named Ginger 1 and Ginger 2 with the long ginger-colored hair and ginger-colored outfits.

Best line:

Ginger 2, ushering a young woman into his house: Are you thirsty?
Woman: No.
G2 (insistently): Are you thirsty?
Woman (nervous): Um, yes.
G2: Then swallow your own spit!

Mystifyingly, Cicak Man seemed to get mostly bad reviews in Malaysia. But don't worry, if we find it here on DVD with English subtitles, I'm going to send all of you copies.


alw said...

you have my mailing address

anu said...

Hey, I just moved to Jakarta and was going through your old blog posts, laughing at the similarity of our first experiences (staying in one of the many Jalan Jaksa hotels, pratically living in the wartel/internet place down the road), and saw that you managed to find a decent looking apt in the $300-$400 range within the first week! How did you do that? On my brief (and unfulfiling) apartment search so far, there is nothing within that price range and expat forums are pretty useless too. If you have any suggestions, that will be great!

kopisusu2 said...

Well, we got lucky. But I would say, find the area you want to live in, preferably close to work so you don't have to sit in traffic jams all day. Then wander around asking about places for rent. If you don't speak good Indonesian, bring someone who does. So many places that are available have no "For Rent" sign. We saw a ton of places, mostly houses, and a lot of them were not that expensive. You'll probably end up having to buy some furniture, but if you get cheap stuff you'll still come out ahead.

And of course, ask everybody you meet whether they know about a good cheap place to live.

What brings you to Jakarta? Do you have any interest in the Pejompongan area, where we live? I'd be glad to walk around with you if you'd like to get a feel for the neighborhood.

Mary said...

Now I know what to be for Halloween!

kopisusu2 said...

Mary, that is such an excellent idea! And Matthew can be a Ginger Boy. Unless, of course, you're both going as Jacoby Ellsbury.

anu said...

hi, i am probably going to live in the SCBD area which even though the only view from my window are other high-risers and traffic lights, is a stone's throw away from work. already stuck in traffic jams which test my patience in further areas so this is my best bet. i moved here for work....would love to explore other parts of jakarta-so far been restricted to the business district!