Monday, August 20, 2007

Square pigs

My Hello Kitty showdown with Michele (see the comments on Inspirational notebook for the day to catch every exciting moment) got me thinking about Square Pigs. Well, that's what I call them. Apparently their proper name is Monokoro Boo or Monokuro Boo. They are described on YouTube as "a couple of monochromatic pigs who appear on everything here in Japan."

I first got acquainted with Square Pigs in Singapore. I had to rent a shared room because there weren't any singles left at the hostel, and I didn't have a proper nightgown, so I went out and bought this ovesized t-shirt thing with big pigs on it for $3. As you can see, it's quite an attractive bit of sleepwear.

My favorite part is the thought bubbles that don't connect to anything, that say "Happy?" They seem kind of wistful, as if to remind us that happiness can't be taken for granted; you have to fight for it, with Square Pigs or any other weapon that comes to hand. Or as the official website puts it, "The pose arts of "PIG" are a symbol of happiness and is worshiped as methods of achieving happiness."


michele said...

I went to this website despite my better judgment and found an endless supply of "gift" items (aka junk) with these goofy pigs all over them.

but the most horrifying, orwellian, up-is-down part of it all is the quote printed all over this pile of unnecessary STUFF: "simple is best!"


kopisusu2 said...

I think that's a reference to their monochromatic design. As I understand it, Monokoro Boo means "Monochrome Oink" in Japanese. But I agree, unleashing an ocean of scented erasers, stuffed animals, tote bags, bus pass holders(?) and key chains on the world under the motto "simple is best" is diabolical.