Thursday, March 15, 2007

We have been here for one year

Is that crazy or what?

In honor of our Jakarta Anniversary, here's an archival photo of Chad tucking into the bland fried rice and watery coffee at the Hotel Karya, where we spent our first 6 weeks or so. Man, their breakfasts were lousy. But they were free.


Brian said...

was this on Jalan Jaksa?

Jose said...

Looks dreadful!! (the breakfast, not Chad). Anyway, congratulations for the first year. We miss you a lot here in the West though, and are counting the days to see you again.

kopisusu2 said...

Man, so are we, Jose. And thanks!

Yes, Brian, they're on the southern end of Jaksa, near Ya-Udah but on the other side of the street. Overall they're an okay place; probably about average for Jaksa.

Brian said...

thought so. I stayed in the Karya in '92 so your post brought back some memories. There is an open air bar just up the street, used to be call Bagus but now it's something else, which used to be a great spot for people watching. Anyway, love the blog.

kopisusu2 said...

Thanks Brian! I think the open-air place you're thinking of is now called BFC, for Bar Fans Club, which is both one of the stupidest and the best bar names in town.

Was there a huge crack in the fourth floor when you were there? Basically one half of the floor is about two inches taller than the other half.

jake said...

wow! that looks thoroughly underwhelming.

one whole year?! goddammit time, stop it!