Thursday, March 29, 2007

Junk food of the week: Kueku

Kueku (KWAY-koo) means "my pastry." The remarkable sticky-chewiness of the outer layer can only come from glutinous rice flour, and I assume the violent pink is from food coloring. But what's inside is a mystery to me. Anybody know? It's like some kind of bean paste, but more crumbly. It's pleasantly bland and mushy, and just a little sweet.

Kueku comes on a little piece of banana leaf to keep it from glomming onto everything in its path.

It's sometimes for sale in the lunchroom at work, on the honor system. The jar lid says "Don't forget to pay," which seems awfully polite for a newsroom. I think the American version would be more like "Fork it over, lunkheads!"


K said...

mmm kueku :) Yummieh!
Love the pic by the way esp with the "jangan lupa bayar ", *sigh* makes me miss all those junk food even more!

mina said...

the content of kueku is made from "kacang hijau" (I don't know the english name).
I download your feeds everyday, but rarely comments, but I love the humour :)

Elsa said...

mung bean or sometimes potatoes...