Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Some people say President Yudhoyono is cursed, and that's why there have been so many disasters lately. I'm beginning to believe it myself after the latest plane crash and earthquake.

I mentioned this to an editor in the US after filing my zillionth disaster brief. "You should do something on that," he said. But I don't know how to do a 45-second radio story on The Indonesian President May Be Hexed.

Anyway, Chad and I are fine. Just sad and weary of calamities.


mr_john said...

Why should you be any different from the local newspapers? Everyone else here has serious editorials questioning the need for an exorcism...

Anonymous said...

TA!!! I think I found you... Heard you on NPR the other day. Called Av and said -- TRISH is in Jakarta. When, how, howlong? Drop a line when you can at Big hug, Jill

jim said...

On the plus side, we heard you on the radio three times in the last two days, a new record! Kevin & Emily even got to hear you on their way to school.

But if the price for air time is havoc & mayhem, we'll settle for not hearing you so much.

kopisusu2 said...

An exorcism certainly couldn't HURT at this point ... although the wayang performance they held a few months ago to change the country's luck, and all the rituals at the mud volcano, don't seem to have helped.

Yeah, Jim, it was pretty crazy. Chad was still on the road, and I'm about to go back into full-time reporting, so I figured I might as well file as many news briefs as possible. Which turned out to be 7 in two days. I phoned some of them in from the lobby of the Jakarta Post on my dinner break.

As for YOU, Jill, how thrilling to hear from you!