Monday, March 26, 2007

Cold-blooded housemates

Our house lizards (cicak) like to hang out behind the dish rack or, more hazardously, underneath the burners of our little counter-top stove. They hold up their end of the housework by eating bugs, which is a highly valued function in our kitchen. They generally keep to themselves, but sometimes when you're cooking dinner they'll make little clicking noises as if to say, "Don't overcook the pasta! You know you hate it when it gets all gummy!"


Brian said...

we once had one drop out of a toaster while we were cleaning it. it was toast, of course. picked the wrong place to hide

kopisusu2 said...

Poor little guy! Chad thinks one of ours lost its tail in a similar scenario under the stove.

Anonymous said...

Better a clicking noise than a sizzling noise! Awful cute little guy, and sounds quite helpful!