Thursday, February 01, 2007

Palmerah Market: Snakefruit

Snakefruit is a crazy little fruit that really does have a textured, snakelike skin. The Pondoh variety, which is supposed to be the sweetest, has been in season for the last few weeks.

The skin is dry and thin. Once you get it off, you find three to five segments of white fruit, of which the larger ones have a stone in the middle. The flesh is similar to an apple in texture, and sweet, but there's a muskiness there too -- like a hint of rot, although definitely nothing on the scale of the infamous durian. It's good, but it's moodier than a sweet, easygoing mango or papaya.


m said...

I love the way the skin looks, incredibly animal-like. very cool photo.

I know I'm probably a lone voice on this one, but I humbly request more closeup photos of unusual (to me...) fruits and veggies!

wish I could taste them too... one day there'll be a flavor component to the internet, I'll bet.

kopisusu2 said...

Yes, more fruits and veggies definitely coming! They're always one of the most fun things about traveling. I wonder if you could find snakefruit in Chinatown? Seems like they would ship well.

I want smell on the internet. It's so immediate and compelling. One whiff of Palmerah market would speak volumes.

Amelia said...

The Indonesian word for the Snakefruit is Salak.
Have you try the "manisan" style? (lot's of sugar and cabe merah).

mel said...

Ooouhh, I love salak. I didn't know the english term is "snakefruit". ^^