Saturday, February 10, 2007

The enemy

Mud. Thick stinky garbagey mud made up of dirt from upstream, plus slime from the city's terminally polluted rivers and canals, plus who knows what else. People are scraping it out of their houses and trying to wash it out of their furniture. The city's coming around to the worst-hit areas to clean the streets this weekend. They're planning to use firehoses to blast everything with disinfectant.

There's not too much mud left on BenHill Street, but these workers were building a wooden walkway over one persistent slough so people could get to the restaurant behind them.

Somebody on a little side street lost their pants in the mud.

You can even see the Levi's-style label.

The itinerant cleaning-supplies peddler stands to make a good living for the next few days.

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