Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Palmerah Market: Happy hairy fruit

Yesterday felt like the official end to the flood story. We went to check on the tent city refugees, but there were no tents and no refugees. Everybody had gone home. Even the newswires, who've done nothing but flood stories for a week, have moved on to other things.

For a lot of people, the story of starting over from scratch is just beginning. I hope to catch up with some of them later, but for now I'll pick up some threads I've dropped, such as the one about Palmerah Market.

Rambutans are the friendliest-looking fruit I know. They've got punk-rock hair, but their spikes are way too soft to inflict any damage. (Their name comes from the word rambut, or hair.)

Rambutans at the market

When they're in season, big festive bunches appear all along the roadsides and in the market.

Rambutan on our balcony

Disregarding the spikes, a rambutan is somewhere between a large olive and a small egg in size. Inside, it's similar in texture and sweetness to a grape, but with somewhat denser flesh. It can have a bit of citrusy tartness, too. There's a little pit inside, about the size and shape of an almond.

Rambutans are the sort of thing you can eat by the bowlful, especially if you're caught up in conversation or reading a good book (which could get messy).


santy said...

the last picture is too funny! :)

kopisusu2 said...

Looks like some kind of hairy creature crawling along the railing, doesn't it?

Jose said...

It reminded me of Mr. Wilson, from that Tom Hanks movie "Castaway". Not to change the subject, but have you thought about doing a potcast?

m said...

it does look like a creature - for some reason it reminds me of 'pac man' (no idea why).

this is one of the coolest looking fruits ever. love it! the deep red/magenta color is amazing, and all those spikes...

is it weird to have a crush on a good looking piece of produce? dont answer that.

kopisusu2 said...

Don't worry, M, your secret is safe with me ... and about 45 other people who come to the site every day. But won't the papayas be jealous?

Chad has thought about podcasting. I did so many years of radio, I think I'm having more fun with words and pictures. Maybe if we come up with some good ones, we'll do them, though.

escoret said...

nice foto..hehhehhe

titiw said...

Syahahahahahaha!! the pic!! It looks like the nude rambutan wearing the red & hairy cloack. Hillarious..