Monday, February 12, 2007

Junk food of the week: Squid heads

Chad and I went to a flood cleanup yesterday, but I just can't write about mud today. Maybe tomorrow. For now, I'm reaching into my usual bag of trivialities to present: squid heads!

These are at a little Chinese-Singaporean kiosk in the basement of a fancy shopping mall. I can't tell you how they taste because I didn't eat them.

I suppose if I were going to eat squid heads, I would get them here, because this place sells really tasty Singaporean curry puffs. Presumably their other offerings are of similar quality. However, confronted with a choice between the two, I can't imagine ordering the squid heads. So if you want to know how they taste, I guess you'll have to come try them yourself.

Meanwhile, you can at least enjoy the picture.


cathy said...

Hi Trish!
Those look like calamares a la romana. You should try them--in Spain they are pretty tasty. I used to get them in a sandwich, with mayonnaise and hot sauce. Yum!

kopisusu2 said...

A squid head sandwich! Good god. I hope you didn't have them with brandy or champagne. As I recall, that combination is not a happy one for you.

I do like fried calamari, maybe because the coating hides the tentacles to some degree ... I have problems with visibly tentacle-y things.

m said...

they're setting up a kiosk with fried squid heads at fenway park this summer.
goes great with beer.

kopisusu2 said...

Well, Bostonians drink gallons of Dunkin Donuts coffee, so clearly they'll consume anything. They'd have to suspend sales for Yankee games, though ... or Johnny Damon and his fellow outfielders would end up covered in squid.