Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bastions of tyranny

Malls are the least democratic places in the world. I've been kicked out of so many of them in the US while trying to gather tape for radio stories, even on subjects as innocuous as "How are you surviving the current heat wave?" They don't want anything like reality to intrude on their customers' shopping haze.

I snapped this cellphone picture of weird pink-haired mannequins at a kids' store in Senayan City, and then the manager rushed out and told us we couldn't take pictures. Maybe they thought we were gathering intel for a competitor.


m said...

a couple years ago here (massachusetts, USA), some guy shopping in a mall was kicked out for wearing a t-shirt that said something like "practice peace not war."

apparently he was just shopping and minding his own business. but some obnoxious pro-war person started yelling at him for his shirt's statement, and security threw the guy with the "peace" t-shirt out for instigating.

ahhh... democracy in america...

kopisusu2 said...

Indeed. Maybe he was outside the "Free Speech Zone" - also known as the janitor's closet in the basement.