Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Talking to Widi on the Phone: A Poem

Talking to Widi on the phone: oh lord.
Talking to Widi on the phone: it hurts.
He says something really long in Indonesian and in the pause while I struggle to decipher it and formulate an answer he suddenly says
And all the words I’ve gathered in my head
fall away.
I don’t even like phones.
I don’t think Widi likes phones.
Who said phones were such a great idea anyway?

Talking to Widi on the phone.
It hurts. Oh lord.

Prepaid cellphone cards: What are these people so happy about?


michele said...

ha! this is great.
trying to speak on the phone in a new language is absolute hell.

your poem kinda reminds me of a haiku I once read... I think it's last line was: "Nomar Nomar Yes!"

kopisusu2 said...

Aw man, I hadn't thought about the Nomar haikus in a while. Do you still have that list you sent around?

I guess we can put this one to rest, sort of, since 2004:

Oh Red Sox you play
well in April but whatta
bout those Septembers?

And maybe it's time for another round. Have you noticed that 'Jason Varitek' has five syllables ... a perfect first or third line?

kopisusu2 said...

Or Daisuke Matsuzaka - a perfect middle line, and culturally appropriate! But I don't really have anything to say about him other than 'I hope you know what you're doing, my friend, if you accept 50 million dollars to play in the world's most baseball-obsessed city.'

For the curious, the aforementioned Nomar Garciaparra haiku, written in honor of the former Red Sox icon, goes like this:

Nomar Nomar No-
mar Nomar Nomar Nomar
Nomar Nomar Yes!

OK now I have to get back to work. Sigh.

Jim said...

To keep up with current Sox events, I think the last line should be changed to:

No more Nomar Yikes!

He did have a pretty good year with the Dodgers, but as I recall he got hurt again at the end of the season...

The Sox also signed another Japanese pitcher today (Okajima)

michele said...

unfortunately I lost the old haikus of yore... but the truly great ones live on in our memories, clearly. it's tempting to do a jason veritek set, but as great as he is, I dont think it could reach the fever that we all had for Nomar back in the day. Seems ages ago, when he had the whole city of Boston enthralled and he could walk on water. ahhh, those were the days. I'm convinced that when they did the *unthinkable* and traded Saint Nomar, the flood gates opened and led to eventual things like johnny damon's idiotic defection. I still can't believe he went awol like that, and to the YANKEES. back when I was a kid, there was such a thing as team loyalty!