Monday, November 27, 2006

Sunrise from the back balcony

.... something I don't see very often, since I work late. That's too bad, because early morning is really the nicest time of day here; it's cool and less humid, and the air feels fresh.

The tall building in the middle is our favorite skyscraper; it's designed to look like an old-fashioned ship.


m said...

should we ask what you were doing up at sunrise?

kopisusu2 said...

Well, I have to confess this shot is from some while back. But I did wake up at dawn earlier this week because of a REALLY NASTY SMELL that had invaded our apartment. It was one of those sweet chemical stenches that signals the death of millions of your brain cells. Turns out they were putting some really fancy red paint design on our street. I'm told it's to mark the presence of the kindergarten next to us. I think all the rich parents of the kids who go there are tired of hearing their drivers complain about the daily traffic chaos when school lets out.

Anonymous said...

pretty foto and a pretty building, but I think I can debunk the architect's claim of old boatiness... maybe it bears some resemblance to an old wreck sticking straight up on some shoals, but that's as far as the resemblance goes. Hope language school goes well (just catching up on some back reading) and merry christmas to you and chad. jdh