Monday, November 13, 2006

Eel-y goodness

We went to see the friendly ladies at the warung on our street last night, to get some rice and some of their excellent chili sauce. They told us they were out of chicken, and we said that was no problem. What I didn't realize was that they were substituting something for the chicken ... something that gave me an unpleasant jolt when I opened the brown paper package at home. We're pretty sure it's eel.

I like eel sushi, but this was too much eel for me. Even Chad, who ate octopus-on-a-stick and chicken-hearts-on-a-stick in Shanghai, couldn't quite look these guys in the eye. I'm going to take them down to the alley behind the Post and put them on the trash pile, where they will no doubt find an appreciative audience of cats. I have to admit is was pretty affordable, though - 10,000 rupiah for two servings along with tofu, rice, and chili sauce.

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Andrew said...

no. no no no.