Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cue the snake-lady (finally)!

It's been a bit of an adventure getting video from the TV into the computer, but after buying a USB thingy and then a PCMCIA card, and spending a few hours cursing and grumbling, we got it to work at last! And I have a doozy of a scene for you from a sci-fi Islamo-soap opera.

So here's the setup: a demon snake-lady has been chasing and taunting a guy. He's just yelled something back at her along the lines of, "You're evil, and by the way you're mostly a snake!"

So as the scene opens she laughs her wicked laugh and says, "I really AM evil, and now I'm going to kill you!" She tries to strangle him, but is interrupted by the arrival of another demon.

In the end the demons will be vanquished by an Islamic holy man, one of the villagers you see gathering with torches, but I couldn't upload the whole clip because it was too big. I'll have to post one of those scenes later. Let me know if you have any technical issues.


ace said...

Oh crap! I don't watch tv to avoid this stuff, now you ARE starting a trend to bring this crap online. soon enough we'll beat the japanese in their own game.

jasylv said...

Wowy zowy!!!
That kicks so much ass.
My brain is still reeling from snake demon goodness.
What's the name of this gem?

Nicole said...

Wow!! Totally impressed. Video on Trish's blog.

Did you notice that the second demon has boobs?

This played really easily, high quality too.

kopisusu2 said...

Nicole, you're right, she does! Somehow I missed that. It makes sense, because it turns out she's a girl who's been possessed.

I guess there's good news for Treespotter/Ace and bad news for Indonesian video fans, because now the crappy software is working badly again and I can't get a good dub.