Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Window shopping

To get to Malinau, which was our base of operations in East Kalimantan, you fly to Tarakan and then catch a ferry up the Malinau River for three hours.

Window stickers to the contrary, the Malinau Express is not air-conditioned. Once it's zipping along, though, a breeze comes through and makes the cabin relatively comfortable.

There's only one quick stop along the way. There's no time to get out of the boat, but young guys line the dock to sell nasi bungkus (packaged meals complete with rice, vegetables and meat/seafood), or fruit or chips, through the windows.

We bought a big bag of snakefruit. It was mighty tasty.


wendy said...

Hi Trish-

I check out your blog regularly but have never posted to you. We spoke on the phone when you were home in NH on the Exchange--- about my son. He has been in Yogyakarta for about 3 1/2 months now. He is having an amazing experience as a Rotary exchange student. While school doesn't amount to much for him (his Bahasa is still very weak) he has found the music scene you mentioned and goes out with his new friends every weekend. Apparently he even gets up and sings with the band. Not a shy child.

He (his name is Justin) will be in Jakarta in a couple of weeks to meet a friend of a friend from the states. Maybe he can buy you a cup of coffee?

btw- amazing photos and video of the volcano. AND-- you are absolutely right about the SOXs!!!

Be well.


kopisusu2 said...

Hey, that's great! I've been wondering how he's doing. Yogya is really a great town. I'm sure they'll drag him off to Borobudur at some point, but if not he should be sure to go on his own - amazing place.

I'll be off at the Bali climate change conference till around the 9th, probably, and then taking it relatively easy in Jakarta till New Year's. I'd love to get together with Justin if he's not mortified to be seen out with someone old enough to be his mom!

gw said...

Hooray for trees!
heard you twice on the radio yesterday. was nice to hear your voice. hope you joined in and planted a lovely durian tree.
keep up the good work.

and congrats to the Rotary Ambassador. it is a great program.