Sunday, November 04, 2007

Junk food of the week: Romeo and Juliet

There is definitely a campaign underway in Indonesia to link chocolate and romance. First, there's a whole line of ice creams called things like "Choculuv" and "Tira-Miss-You," accompanied by TV ads showing people Meeting Cute with the help of ice cream.

A 2006 movie called "Brownies" used the baked treats as a metaphor for love. And there are also Romeo and Juliet candy bars.

The Juliet bar is a fairly typical combo of light, crunchy wafer and layers of caramel, similar to the vaunted Beng-Beng. I detected a frightening hint of marshmallow flavor but couldn't see any actual marshmallow. (I feel marshmallow should be clearly labeled on all foods, preferably next to a skull-and-crossbones.)

I was nice and gave Romeo to Chad, but as far as I could tell it was identical. What message does that send about love, I wonder?


alw said...

i've been on a personal campaign to link meat and romance here in the states. you might have heard about my efforts? i'm the guy behind this season's upcoming hollywood blockbuster, "Love in the Time of Chorizo" and the straight-to-DVD favorite, "Sleepless in Salami".

kopisusu2 said...

I have always wanted to launch a line of meat-flavored breakfast cereals. I sense a collaboration coming on!

michele said...

is there any food that hasn't been linked with sex appeal?? I think I've even seen dairy industry commercials that imply that milk drinkers attract cute dates.

I'm glad though that the 'romeo and juliet' candy bars share the same ingredients. how weird would it be if the 'boy' one had more nuts or something? heh heh.

mr_john said...

We had a bunch of strange ads in Australia linking milk to sex appeal. The tagline was "A long tall glass keeps you going all night". I'll see if I can find them on youtube for you.

We're a little strange about our milk though. In Australia, strawberry flavoured milk in a pink carton is marketed towards working men like bricklayers.