Sunday, November 25, 2007

Along came a spider ... and a lizard

We're back from Kalimantan with a heap of toxic-smelling laundry and a heap of tape to translate!

This lovely creature was hanging out at the hut where we stayed in the Tane Olen forest in Setulang, four to six hours upstream from Tarakan (depending on how well the river is flowing). Tane Olen is a really beautiful piece of rainforest that's been protected by the village that owns it. They've built one hut and plan to build three more, with the hope of becoming an adventure destination. We want to go back and do the complete circuit when it's ready.

This little spotted guy decided to trek across my unused water glass.

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Mary said...

Welcome back! I missed your posts, but, figured you must be up to something interesting - or lost in the Chad the brave soul to put his hand behind that spider? Whoa - very large.