Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Junk food of the week: Beng-Beng

Beng-Bengs are one of the world's great candy bars. They consist of several layers of thin wafer cookie, plus a blob of caramel and a covering of chocolate with little crispies. They also come in variations like peanut butter and mocha.

I'm hard-pressed to say exactly why I love Beng-Bengs, but perhaps it's the ratio of ingredients. Also, Beng-Bengs are not too big. They're somewhat smaller than, say, a regular Snickers bar in the US, and because of the wafers (which are mostly air) they're not very dense. So they're just enough for a sugar fix without making you feel all queasy. This is important, since chocolate is the only real cure I know for writer's block -- better than caffeine, and of course WAY better than actually sitting down in front of the computer and trying to work.


m said...

hey, you know what else is good about junk food? you can mail it thousands of miles away and it will often arrive just as edible as when it left.

I'm just saying.

jim said...

Those do look good, but nothing beats a Rally bar...

Amelia said...

I love Beng-Beng, too. Thanks for internet shopping I can have my Beng-Beng here in the US for about $9/25 pcs +shipping.

kopisusu2 said...

Hey, it's good to know we can get them when we go back to the States!

You're right about Rally Bars, though, Jim. I've looked for them here, but without luck. I think you're going to have to hit up Jose for your next fix, next time he goes back to Peru.

As for you, Michele, I don't think I can send you something as nutrition-free as candy bars in good conscience. Perhaps I can offer you some dried squid instead? It's a little salty, but full of protein.

m said...

is the dried squid covered in chocolate and nuts and caramel?

'cuz that's the only way I could accept it.

(by the way, in my humble opinion, dried fish is not really a great substitution for candy bars).