Monday, August 27, 2007


Kemang is one of the most expat-y, and also one of the funkiest, parts of Jakarta. I'm usually too lazy to go there because the traffic is a nightmare -- everything's crammed onto one long narrow winding road, and the taxi always slows to a crawl. But the other night a friend had her birthday party at a bar there, so we roused ourselves to go, and I have to admit it was pretty fun.

There was Indian food for $5 a plate and a band playing Donna Summer and Metallica. The dance floor was packed and the beer was free. I don't think you're even allowed to give away beer in the US anymore. I remembered why when I saw a guy throw up on his shoes. At least he went outside first.

I tried to take a picture of Chad but he wouldn't stay still.

Around midnight we went out to catch a taxi home. All these children in headscarves kept walking by asking us for money. I was surprised, because it was awfully late for proper little Muslim girls to be out on the street. Then Chad pointed out that most of them were boys. I suppose they get more donations that way.


ichaAwe said...

wah ...ternyata sekarang kemang dah dijajah sama bule2 nih ... saya harus ngungsi kemana dong????

kopisusu2 said...

Masih bisa jalan-jalan ke Kemang ... bules are people too!