Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Shop cat

Judging by the comments of friends and family, I should rename this blog Jakarta Kitties and Junk Food, with contents to match. I won't ... but I will post more pictures of cats from time to time.

I saw this kitty early this morning when I went out to buy some emergency dish soap at the everything-you-need stand on the corner. 'Ba Ati was coming to clean, and I was afraid she'd use floor soap or bug spray or something on the dishes ... she's a little too resourceful sometimes when we run out of things.

The blue things on the shelf are not actual sweat, by the way; they're Pocari Sweat, the Japanese answer to Gatorade.


michele said...

awww.... very cute kitty photo.
It looks like indonesian cats are just as blase about having their pix taken as american kitties are - when enjoying a good nap, it's not worth the energy to open your eyes and smile for the camera.

kopisusu2 said...

Plus I was using my cameraphone, so she may have just thought I was text-messaging her ...