Sunday, April 15, 2007

More toilet instructions

.... this time from Singapore, home of the World Toilet Organization.

I recall reading about a major campaign in Singapore to ensure that people flushed public toilets after using them, during which the authorities not only imposed heavy fines, but stalked restrooms and published photos in the newspaper of people who were caught in the act of flush negligence.

There are also fines for urinating in elevators. As to why anybody would pee in an elevator, I don't know, although someone described it to me as an act of protest.

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alw said...

when i was in Kent, i lived in an awful little apartment building called "College Towers" for four full years. people used to pee in the elevators all the time. it used to make me mad, but not mad enough to take the stairs. (come on, i lived on the 6th floor.)