Sunday, April 29, 2007

Junk food of the week: Es Mr. Baso

I tried to go to a museum last weekend, but it was closed, and somehow I ended up at a mall. How do these things happen? Maybe fate, maybe supernatural forces; there's plenty of both to go around in Central Java. Anyway, once there I was struck by the need for an Es Teler. But Es Teler was jammed so I went directly to their competitor, Mr. Baso (Mr. Meatball). I brought along a teen novel for company.

Es Mr. Baso is topped with passionfruit, which always looks like something that crawled onto your drink and died. The seeds add a nice crunch, though.

Underneath were jackfruit, red beans, squares of red gelatin and long wormy pieces of green gelatine, slathered with a generous pour of coconut milk. Mighty tasty, especially if you can suspend the notion that red beans belong in a pot of chili.

The book was a little disappointing, though. I think I may finally be ready to graduate from "teen lit" to full-blown "chick lit" ...