Thursday, April 19, 2007

Have microphone, will travel

So I left my copy-editing job at the Jakarta Post a couple of weeks ago. It's back to the fat life of the freelance journalist for me! (after I sort out a visa.)

I went out with some of my JP colleagues to celebrate my last night the way I celebrated my first: with cheap beers on Jalan Jaksa.

A Bintang for the road at Bar Fans Club

Now I'm down in Yogya getting more language classes in, so posts may be infrequent for a couple of weeks. It's fun to be back at Realia doing battle with causative and benefactive verbs (don't ask!) and speaking the language six hours a day. Whets the appetite for gudeg, too ... more on that later.

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santy said...

You're in Yogya! how nice! jadi, sudah lancar bicara bahasa Indonesia? :) sudah bisa masak gudeg? hehe...