Sunday, December 03, 2006


Rainy season is finally getting going, a month later than usual. So far the roof is holding up, which is good news.

Before it rains, the sky gets kind of greeny-grey, almost like tornado weather. Then big drops come straight down, heavy and drenching, like the storms we used to get on the coast of North Carolina during family vacations when I was a kid. Unfortunately most of the rain has nowhere to go, so the city floods easily. There's very little unpaved land, and the drains in the street are clogged with trash. Ah Jakarta; so much of its suffering is self-inflicted!

It does clean the air, which is really nice. We walked almost all the way to BenHill market last night, which is a real smogfest without regular rain.


michele said...

any idea where all the street animals retreat to when it floods?
from your descriptions it sounds like there are good numbers of them. perhaps they have a gathering place on higher ground....
and then they all start talking to each other, as long as there are no humans around to hear them. kind of like charlotte's web. but with indonesian-speaking animals.

kopisusu2 said...

Well, you know cats - I'm sure they have all sorts of little hiding places. There aren't any dogs on the street here, and I suspect the ones back on Jaksa were semi-owned. As for the rats ... I don't want to talk about the rats. Even Templeton.