Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Our triumphant return

We're back from Yogya! with me- and -kan verbs coming out our ears -- and sometimes our mouths, even.

One of the unusual things about the school, Realia, is that all the teachers are trained to write upside-down. That way they don't have to slow down the class by turning the paper around all the time.

Here's Bu Etik, who taught our often raucous afternoon class. (We had individual instruction for the first two sessions of the day and then Chad and I had class together after lunch.)

This method really does save time but at first it's hard to concentrate, because you're so busy ogling their writing technique.


Anonymous said...

'teachers are trained to write upside-down'. Trained? I do it almost naturally when I was a kid, and also mirrored. I didnt know you need training for that.

kopisusu2 said...

Really? Can you still do it? I just tried, and I can produce words, but they look like the writing you see in notes produced by psychopathic killers on TV.