Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Junk food of the week: Nose cereal

Chad gave me this because I had to miss a documentary yesterday about nose jobs in Iran, which apparently has the highest per capita (or per nasum, if you will) rate of nose jobs in the world.

It was part of a double feature at JifFest, and I only had time to see one film because I had to get to work. I was really hoping they'd screw up and show the movies out of order, but they got it right this time, so instead of nose jobs I saw a film about the famed female Palestinian hijacker of the late '60s, Leila Khaled.

I can still feel the disappointment as I type. But nose cereal is an excellent consolation prize. As you can see, there are other versions including heart cereal and intestine cereal. Most disturbingly, in certain ways, there's also toenail cereal. All that plus sugar and artificial coloring, brought to you by Nestle with its usual sensitivity to child nutrition.

The hijacker movie was pretty good, by the way. I wonder what the consolation prize would have been for missing that one?


michele said...

wow. a brilliant example of truth being stranger than fiction. who could make this stuff up?! amazing. I feel a strange mixture of joy and horror after reading this...

Nicole said...

I don't know about you, but I'd eat toenail cereal everyday if it was an option!