Monday, December 18, 2006

Borobudur, briefly

So, we're still here in Yogya doing battle with passive construction and other thorny linguistic issues. We took a little time off yesterday to go to this place, Borobudur, a Buddhist temple outside Yogya. It was one of those funny trips where we seemed to spend about 8 times longer getter there and back than we actually did at the site. I liked the temple a lot because even though it's huge, it's very human -- the artwork is all at eye-level and not huge or intimidating. Anyway, more later on that. We're going back to Jakarta tomorrow, where our slowww internet connection will seem speedy by comparison to the ones here at the school.


Alex Budiyanto said...

Nice to meet you @ V-art gallery :-)

kopisusu2 said...
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kopisusu2 said...

Nice to meet you guys too! I've been checking out - great blog! But I have one question. What are "kacamata kuda"? I've never seen a horse with glasses!

diditjogja said...

hey..can u remember me?!
one of crew that brought camera?
nice 2 meet U..

i hope u have spare time to visit jogja again..

kopisusu2 said...

Yes, I remember ... and yes, we'll definitely come back!