Tuesday, June 01, 2010

X-Men for Boss

X-Men for Boss may be perfumed, but it is definitely a guy's shampoo. You can tell by the ass-kicking name, the masculine brown color and most especially, the nubbly little dots on the side of the bottle. As you will recall from our previous exploration of Watchout Soap, there is nothing more manly than nubblies.

PS: Don't forget to brush your teeth.


Melanie said...

Hilarious! Enjoyed the Watchout Soap entry!

Ashlee said...

When you're showering decisively like a manly man, you don't have time for girlie stuff like gripping soap bars or shampoo bottles effectively. Fine motor skills are for flying planes, saving damsels in distress, doing work involving metal grinders and crap like that.

Hence the nubbies.