Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Watchout: the Manly Man Soap

Hey guys! Are tired of using your girlfriend's Pink Fluffy Rose Jasmine Bubbly Girly Soap? Then you need Watchout, the Soap for Men! Watchout comes in your choice of cool masculine names: Aircraft, Avionic and Cockpit.

This stuff isn't pink or white or wimpy baby blue. It's gray! The color of grime and old sweat! The color of guyness! It even has little nubbly bumps on it. We're not quite sure what they're for, but they're cool.

As for the scent, imagine a musky aftershave you might have bought in a drugstore in about 1977 with a picture of a guy on the front who has a big bushy Burt Reynolds mustache.

We only have one word for that: awesome.

So remember, make sure you use Watchout ... before you out!


michele said...

you've created the perfect ad to show during tv coverage of the greasy pole climbing competition.

what do you suppose they intended to say on the wrapper copy?... "before you wipe out"? "stall out"? "freak out"?

nadya said...

Side effects including uncontrolable growth of chesthair and about .5 cm of penis elongation with every use.

kopisusu2 said...

"before you come out of the closet?" hmmm.... seems unlikely.

Careful about starting rumors, Nadya ... you'll have half the male population of Jakarta storming the hypermarts to buy this stuff!

Shelley said...

Cockpit? As a name for a deodorant soap? It's just too suggestive of the places you need to USE the soap, if you ask me.

kopisusu2 said...

Shelley, I think you've gotten to the bottom of this ...