Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dadlands: Cam Ranh Bay

Our first stop on our way up the coast was Cam Ranh, only we didn't stop there. There wasn't enough time, partly because I had given my knee a good whack in a fall at Angkor Wat and wanted to get it checked out at the international clinic in Da Nang. (No worries; it was just a bad bruise and is well on its way to recovery.)

I was ambivalent about Cam Ranh anyway, because honestly, Dad never had anything nice to say about it.

This is still a dreary place even though they have added on an entirely new kitchen. I don't really know what it is about this place but there is something that makes it less than pleasant. It is the poorest place that I know of in Vietnam.

I did have enough time to snap a picture of the naval base as we flew past it on the bus.

There's a monument, too.

Happily, "air power" is taking on a completely new meaning on this part of the coast.

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