Thursday, May 20, 2010

Margaritaville becomes Curfewville

Hi all! I had hoped to put in a solid couple of hours of blogging tonight on further Udorn stuff, but it will have to wait because we're in Bangkok and all the internet cafes are closing early to comply with a curfew in the wake of yesterday's unrest. Things seem very quiet here now and thousands of protesters were sent home today.

Early tomorrow we head off to Angkor Wat. Cambodia will be the first country on this trip that's new for both of us. This crummy hotel computer refuses to pull photos from my camera, so I'll post a stolen photo of Angkor:


The plus side of the curfew is that we can expect a nice quiet night even though we're staying on Khao San Road, Bangkok's famous backpacker street, which usually a riot of beer joints and street stalls at night. More soon!

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