Monday, May 17, 2010

The chicken baskets of Gowalo

Our Chiang Mai hike took us through several Karen hill tribe villages, some as small as three or four houses.We stayed overnight in one, called Gowalo, although I'm not sure of the spelling.

The village was clean and organized, and compared to some Dayak villages we've been to in Indonesian Borneo, the tribal culture seemed pretty intact. People went about their business and didn't pay us much attention. The kids didn't ask for money or candy.

A lot of the residents still wore traditional clothing.

My favorite thing about the village, though, was the chickens: each one had her own little hand-woven basket to nest in.


Nadya said...

You should definitely try the Baduy village, about 300 km west of Jakarta. You'd have to literally trek the jungles for about 10km from where the main road is, but the village really couldn't get anymore authentic and raw.

kopisusu2 said...

Ah, you're so right, Nadya! I guess that's yet another reason to come back to Jakarta someday ...