Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The river raft pilot

Back to our Idul Fitri trek in South Kalimantan: After two days of hiking through the jungle from village to village, we arrived at the Amandit River. There were two bamboo rafts waiting for the trip downstream.

The native Dayaks have used rafts for centuries to ferry people and cargo down the river. The raft is cargo, too; it takes just a few hours to build, and once it has reached its destination, it gets broken down and sold as bamboo poles.

The raft pilot steers with a long pole; when the raft gets stuck, which it often does, he jumps out and sets things right by hand.

The top half of the river was a bit tricky, but the bottom was calmer. The pilot let Chad take over the helm for the last hour, with some help during the tough spots. Check out the video below! The color commentary is provided by our hiking guide, Taila, who gets in the picture at the end.


alw said...

AWESOME! that video is great. nice job, Chad!

nadya said...

dang.. I thought I was gonna catch you spit out some Indonesian in that video .. maybe next time?

Nicole said...

SO COOL! I love it! Definitely the best video I've seen in a long time. You guys are reinventing "living abroad."

Jose said...

Great video.....more!!!