Wednesday, October 15, 2008

All grown up

We think Susu has pretty much reached her full size. She's only 2.2 kilos, or a little less than five pounds; perhaps because of her kittenhood malnutrition, she's not going to be a really big cat. Her old crooked whiskers have fallen out and been replaced by straight ones, but she still has a scar on her forehead from the gash she had when we found her. Her most distinctive features are her long, straight tail (unusual for a Jakarta cat), and her long legs.

Susu has a number of hobbies and talents. For example, she believes in using the exercise machines every day.

She is a skilled climber. (Our landlord, who designed and installed all the custom woodwork, may be less impressed with this ability than we are.)

She knows how to get out of a tight spot.

And she knows how to keep her cool on a hot, muggy Jakarta afternoon.


Nadya said...

She's insanely cute. I think you should put one of her newest pictures next to that iconic picture of when you first met her on the streets. It will be amazing to see how much she's changed and be an inspiration for straycats everywhere that life does turn for the better sometimes!

michele said...

holy mother of god what a freaking cute cat.

kopisusu2 said...

Ha! Thanks. She is pretty cute ... and she knows it!

Robyn said...

All grown up - time for kitten number 2!