Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Junk food of the week: Melted Choco in your Fruity Mouth

This is a little booth at Plaza Semanggi, the mall my office is attached to. It has one of the greatest advertising slogans ever.

Unfortunately the product itself is a little less exciting: just three little strawberries dipped in average-quality chocolate and sprinkled with colored sugar.

The good thing is, they give it to you straight up, without any tin foil or waxed paper or anything. That's a nice change from the wrapping frenzy that accompanies most mall food purchases. (At the trendy bakery downstairs, for example, even if you just buy a cheese roll, they put it in two -- two! -- plastic bags.)


schizilly said...

lolz i know which bakery ure refering to. when i asked them to put 2 bread rolls into 1 small plastic bag they refused. they said its company policy, to put each bread in 1 small plastic bag then the big one. what a waste.

bettylovesblogging said...

I tried to mime for no bag down there at that bakery very early on during my stay in Indonesia... they didn't give me the big bag, but then they double bagged the bread roll with the small bags! I looked so baffled that they thought I couldn't understand how much I needed to pay for the bread roll, and got an English speaking person out to tell me the price... but I was baffled about the bags!