Saturday, April 05, 2008

Nidji Vidfest!

I must admit, I thought the band Nidji was a big joke at first. Our downstairs neighbor Manoah became obsessed with their song Disco Lazy Time, because of its brilliantly bad English-language lyrics.

The goofy lyrics are a bit of a mystery, since Nidji - Indonesian, but named after the Japanese word for "rainbow" - managed to make decent sense in English in this song, Heaven. This became a theme song for the show "Heroes, but only in Asia, I think. (Heroes is pretty big here, by the way).

Anyway, after a few group-sings of their hit Hapus Aku (Erase Me) at karaoke clubs, I kinda got to like them. They have a cool retro-80s sound that older persons such as myself can relate to.

There are two odd things about this video, though:

1. The lead singer looks totally bored. I think he needs a cup of coffee. Or an acting lesson.

2. It's curious that the song says Erase Me, but the one getting erased is the girl.

Anyway, here's my translation of Hapus Aku. As always, improvements are welcome.

Tuliskan kesedihan
Semua tak bisa kau ungkapkan
Dan kita kan bicara
Dengan hatiku

Buang semua puisi
Antara kita berdua
Kau bunuh dia
Sesuatu yang kusebut itu cinta

Yakinkan aku tuhan
dia bukan milikku
Biarkan waktu, waktu
hapus aku

Sadarkan aku tuhan
dia bukan milikku
Biarkan waktu, waktu
hapus aku

Tuliskan kesedihan
Semua tak bisa kau hentikan
Dan kita kan bicara
Dengan jiwaku


Write the sadness,
All that you can’t say
And we’ll speak
with my heart

Throw out all the poetry
That was between us
You’ve killed it, the thing
That I called love.

Make me realize, God
That she isn’t mine
Let time, time
Erase me.

Make me aware, God
That she isn’t mine
Let time, time
Erase me.

Write the sadness,
All that you can't stop
And we'll speak
with my soul


Murphy said...

what a trip. i was watching the last video and thought for a moment that i knew the words, then i realized it sounds incredibly similar, though less epic, than this song by Keane.

a minute later Flint came downstairs half asleep and asked why Keane was bothering to translate their crappy songs.

Nadya said...

Wow Ms KopiSusu, I never thought that you were into Indonesian music at all. Dig deep and you could actually find alot of quality music out there.

Even the mainstream ones have some realy good and catchy melodies sometimes if you could just punch through the mindless and generic lovey-dovey bullshity lyrics.

Btw, I'm surprised you can still access youtube over there. Did the government ever follow through with the idiotic move of blocking it or whatever?

kopisusu2 said...

Yes, it's a similar vibe, isn't it? The singers' voices even sound a bit alike.

And you do know the words! They're right there on the video so you can sing along ...

Part of the fun of Indonesian karaoke joints, by the way, is the video they put behind the songs if they don't have access to the real one. There's nothing quite like singing "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" while looking at film of a New Zealand sheep-shearing.

kopisusu2 said...

Ha! Yes, "generic lovey-dovey bullshitty lyrics" pretty much sums up what's on Indonesian radio these days (including versions from America and England). I don't know a lot of Indonesian pop, but I do like Nidji, the Upstairs and Tipe-X.

The government is still carrying on about blocking YouTube over that anti-Islam film, and supposedly some ISPs have done it, but I still get it just fine. I'm sure the ISPs aren't that eager to do it; they love you to spend lots of money watching videos with their expensive bandwidth!

mr_john said...

There's a Japanese band called L'arc en Ciel. Now all we need is a French band called Pelangi and the circle will be complete.