Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blue cart, green fence

as photographed through a taxi window in north Jakarta.


nadya said...

yuuhuuuuuu .. miss kopi susuuu .. where are youuu????

wendy said...

Hi Trish-
My husband, Joe, and I and Justin (and his friend Trevor) will be in Jakarta on May 28th! Is there anything we can bring you from NH? We will be in Jakarta for a night then off to Yoga. I can't believe we are going to see Justin in 2 weeks! Time does fly.
Be well.

kopisusu2 said...

Thanks Wendy! I was traveling and somehow missed your comment! Your offer is much appreciated. Luckily, we just had some friends in from Boston who caught us up with everything American that we needed. Have a fabulous time in Yogya and let me know if you're passing through Jakarta on your way back -- maybe we can at least meet for coffee!