Tuesday, April 01, 2008


"Are you just going to blog about the kitten all the time now?" Chad asked after we got her.

"No," I said defensively, "I'm going to blog about the kitten HALF the time."

So, here's the kitten. I worked till midnight the last two nights finishing the magazine, so I'm too tired to blog much. And I think she looks elegant with all those feathers.

Feather dusters are made out of the real thing here, and they only cost 85 cents, so I snatched one up as a cat toy. The only downside is the little bits of feather that get all over the house.

And here's an earlier pic that I hadn't gotten around to posting yet.


Elyani said...

Susu looks more and more like my cat, Suneo, even the way she sleeps and puts her front paw covering her face. Perhaps they come from the same breed?

kopisusu2 said...

What breed is Suneo? We've been wondering about Susu. She seems a bit like an Oriental Shorthair, given the big ears, long legs and narrow face, as well as her impressive jumping and climbing ability. She doesn't have the Siamese-type yowl, however -- which is just as well, because we had a Siamese when I was growing up who drove us all crazy with his constant howling.

I think she has some Black Labrador in her too, because she's obsessed with food! -- much more so than my previous cat.

I'm not actually sure what the most common cat breeds are here. Do you know? In the States, most cats just get called Domestic Shorthairs.

kopisusu2 said...

I was just looking at Suneo on your blog -- he's really cute! He does look pretty similar to Susu. He's a little stockier, but maybe just because he's older.

michele said...

i'm confused. that quote from chad makes it sound like blogging about susu all the time is a bad idea...

Elyani said...

Trish, I think Susu and Suneo are belong to the Oriental family, similar to a Siamese (Javanese breed but in Indonesia we all call this kind of breed 'kucing kampung'). My cat is quite demanding when he wants attention, he is constantly following "his" people around the house and getting underfoot. Suneo has a long legs, fine-boned, and slender, with small paws. Yes, he is stockier :)