Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Thing That Ate Bali

Big lizard statue, Ubud, Bali

So we're heading down to the UN global warming conference ... or perhaps the global unwarming conference, if it's successful ... if everyone even agrees on what "success" means.

I'm going with some trepidation, because I can't imagination cramming all those people into the southern tip of Bali without creating a massive logistical headache. Plus we can't afford the fancy hotels near the actual conference center, so we're going to have to come in from outside the area every morning. That is not a happy prospect.

Oh well ... since I'm expecting the worst, maybe it won't be too bad. After that we're coming back to Jakarta to chill out for the rest of December. Woohoo! Hanging around at home is sounding pretty good right now.

1 comment:

michele said...

cool giant lizard sculpture!

perhaps it is a hint of things to come as the globe gets warmer and warmer?