Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Stobrox's Cat Motor

That's the end of my Kalimantan posts, because it's the end of my pictures. The Tane Olen forest is beautiful, and I'm hoping we get back there someday. They're building four simple huts and improving their hiking trails in hopes of attracting hut-to-hut trekkers. We'd like to go back and hike the whole thing when they're done.

Anyway ... back to Jakarta, for the moment.

The word "cat " is troublesome for English speakers because you can't help reading it as ... well, cat. But in Indonesian it's pronounced "chaht" and means "paint." So this is a motorcycle painting establishment.

People find the "Cat Oven" signs even more disturbing. Those are not places that serve Baked Fluffy ... they're giant ovens for baking paint onto cars.

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