Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rolling across Java

We're back from Bali and Yogya for a round of hot showers and real coffee, and tomorrow we take off for a weekend at the beach in Pelabuhan Ratu with friends.

We took the train back from Yogya, which is one of the world's great train rides. There was a really funny little kid in the seat in front of us who was wearing a plastic bag on his head like a hat. We made faces at each other, and then he shot me with a toy gun.

Outside was the usual panoramic view of mountains, trees and rice paddies. Did I mention this is a great train?


Mary said...

Wow - that looks fabulous. I'm am so jealous that you and Colbert were travelling and hanging out in Bali!! What fun. I was just talking about both of you to one of my aging hippie colleagues. telling about your adventures. I miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

Nicole tells me she heard a report from you on NPR with Barack Obama's grade school teacher. That's a great story -- I'm glad you got it!

-- Stan J.