Saturday, May 05, 2007

Junk food of the week: Ginger brittle

These are known as "Ginger-Flavored Chips" (Kripik Rasa Jahe), but they're really like peanut brittle, minus the peanuts, plus coconut, ginger and sesame seeds. They're sweet and so gingery that they're almost hot like chilis. Ginger brittle is very sticky and should not be consumed by small children, unless you like having gluey sugar contrails on the walls and furniture.


Mary said...

Okay, finally, a junk food that I actually might like to eat! That last one you had with the green gelatin - I was beginning to wonder - Red beans? In junk food? I just did not get it. Pretty funny stuff! We finally cooked some indian food today - and Matthew even tried to cook nan. The nan needs work, but, those Indian spices - woo hoo! Good stuff. Is there an overlap in Indonesian cooking and Indian cooking? What have you tried to cook in your apartment?
Oh - on another subject, Roger Clemens just signed with the Yankees again. Matthew and I may see him pitch - we won some crazy lottery for red sox yankee tickets. By the time you get back, I may even be able to "talk baseball."
love, mary

kopisusu2 said...

Wow, you got sox-yankee tickets! I am as green with envy as a gelatine snake.

Man I love Indian food. Luckily there are some decent Indian places in Jakarta. There's definite overlap in the food, especially in the coconut-milk based spicy stewy things. The spices are not exactly the same but there are some commonalities.

We are in Bali which always reminds me of you. Wish you were here!!