Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hot sauce for terrorists

Special Sambal (SS) started a few years ago with one warung, and has spread across Yogya like a wave of sambal kecap.

Their secret to success is offering inexpensive food to college students, along with a menu of 20 sambals with fun names like Sambal Terrorist and Sambal Smackdown.

I managed to try 7 of the 20 during my stint at school. I have to say the Sambal Terrorist was rather mild, but Sambal Horror, made with vicious little green chilis, almost peeled the roof of my mouth off ... in a good way.


mina said...

I love SS :) I always try to come here everytime I Jogja. So, the food's still as hot as ever?

kopisusu2 said...

Well, let's just say this: I can't imagine the tomato-onion sambal and the Sambal Horror were ever hotter! And the food itself was quite tasty and inexpensive. I like the fact that they have a fair number of vegetable options.